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Our uniform

When students wear a school uniform, they feel included in our school community.

Students, teachers, parents and carers, as well as members of our local community helped develop our school uniform to make sure it:

  • meets the requirements of occupational health and safety, anti-discrimination and equal opportunity legislation

  • includes items that are affordable, comfortable and made from easy-care and easy-wear fabrics

  • is appropriate for the full range of school activities

  • is suitable for all body shapes.

Learn more about the NSW Department of Education’s School Uniform Policy.

Our uniform

Term 1 and Term 4 - Summer uniform is worn

Term 2 and Term 3 - Winter uniform is worn

New uniform implementation:

Year Expectation
2020 Kindergarten and new enrolments
2021 Kindergarten to Year 3
2022 Kindergarten to Year 5
2023 All students in the new uniform

School uniform shop - Pearl Pacific

Our uniform provider hosts a shop in the local community.

Location: Parramatta CBD - Unit 41/2 O'Connell Street, Parramatta NSW 2150 - the shop front is in the Parramatta Business Centre which you can also access from Aird Street (just opposite Westfield Shopping Centre)

Hours of Operation: Tuesday 10 am - 1 pm and Friday 2:30 pm - 5:30 pm. 

What can you do: Pick up online orders, view uniform samples, and eventually buy directly from the store (they are still in the process of setting up shelving)

What this means:

  • No more queues at the school gates
  • Opportunity to purchase a uniform over a longer period of time
  • Ability to view the uniform and give feedback directly to the store
  • More time for school staff to focus on supporting students - all uniform enquiries and issues can be directed to Pearl Pacific or the store staff

To buy online, please visit: